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Gold - Silver - Platinum Price Update
02/12/2011 10:25 AM

Gold Price - $1356
Silver Price - $29.91
Platinum Price - $1801

These prices listed are for pure metals. The Verma Group is the #1 Jewelry Buyer in America. 

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Engagement Ring Settings - 14K vs 18K vs PLATINUM
02/10/2011 10:10 PM
Hello Jewelry World!

Today I am writing about the differences in engagement ring settings. There are many different preferences when it comes to what type of metal a consumer would want when purchasing an engagement ring setting. 

I will go through 14k, 18k, and platinum - because these are the 3 most popular. 

14K Gold - This is a popular choice, and for good reason. 14K Gold is stronger than 18K gold, so your precious diamond is safe in its setting and is less likely to become loose or even fall out. Another great feature about 14k gold settings is that in white or yellow gold the color will look more rich and wont wear as sometimes happens with 18k white gold. 

18K Gold - This is popular because of the stigma that an engagement ring should be 18K. Personally I believe that 18k is the worst option to go with because it is too soft to hold the diamond within the prongs. Countless numbers of clients have come into the Verma Group offices complaining about how the jewelry store that sold them the original ring told them 18k was the way to go, and they lost their diamond after a few years of wear !

Platinum - This is a great way to set your diamond because it is strong, and has a distinct finish. The only problem with a platinum band is that we find they get chipped at and marked easily after long wear and tear. This of course can be fixed with a nice buff and polish. 

If you are intested in selling your engagement ring, diamond, or setting... Please come into today !
To Sell or Not to Sell - That is the Question.
02/10/2011 10:43 AM
At this point in history, it's the absolute BEST time to sell high end items such as large diamonds (1.00ct and above), designer jewelry, and fine watches. The Verma Group has been receiving calls off the hook for these items from international customers in India, China, and UK. Overseas demand of these fine items are rising! If you are located in the Atlanta area, come to the Pinnacle building across Phipps plaza. The Verma Group is located in the heart of Buckhead. We have and always will be, the #1 source to sell your fine jewelry, diamonds, and watches.
Selling Designer and Diamond Jewelry.
02/09/2011 11:28 PM
The Verma Group answers hundreds of calls every day about designer diamond jewelry. Wether the question is about a Tiffany set diamond engagement ring or a Harry Winston diamond necklace, we try to answer all questions on the spot. One of the big pro's of owning designer jewelry is that they always fetch high premiums in international jewelry markets. The problem with designer jewelry though, is it is a large investment at the time of purchase! Items with designer hallmarks and stamps will naturally have more demand in the market.
EGL vs GIA - The Truth about these Certified Diamonds.
02/08/2011 10:33 AM
When our clients come in with GIA certificates, EGL Certificates, and various other diamond certifications we are cautious depending on which certificate is presented. In the most general cases and by experience it seems as though GIA has the most strict and prestigious grading standards and therefore is the gold standard when buying or selling a diamond. EGL is a great company which has high grading standards as well, but it seems as if their standards are a little more "loose". The rest of the grading companies are a distant 3rd from these two. If you are looking to sell your diamond in atlanta, please come into the verma jewelry group today!

Remember, when you are selling or purchasing a diamond - make sure to include the GIA certification because this can add up to 15% value on your stone!
Engagement Ring Diamonds - Selling & Buying
02/05/2011 09:51 AM
As a recent buyer of an engagement ring, I will be able to tell you all first hand it is not an easy process. There are so many different factors which go into what type of diamond you want. My first suggestion for purchasing a diamond would be to figure out what type of shape you want to go with. The more popular styles are Round and Princess. There are other shapes which are in style, but you have to ask yourself if you want to own a fancy shape diamond when it is out of style. The marquise diamond was very popular in the 70's and the 80's but now is not really popular amongst consumers. This drop in popularity also causes the prices of those stones to depreciate or drop low. So when you are looking to sell a diamond and maybe upgrade the diamond buyer will not be able to offer you as much for the marquise as he would for a classic timeless diamond shape such as the round brilliant diamond.

The next step after you have decided on the shape of your diamond, would be balancing in your budget the color, carat, and clarity. Like most of us, I was on a budget and decided that the color and clarity were more important than the size. This is because a fine diamond with high color and clarity will be worth more in the future. So for a smart investor, when my wife and I are able to upgrade the diamond we can sell them to a diamond buyer in the atlanta area for a larger amount.

I will have more details on diamond buying soon! Check out the Verma Group Jewelers for any questions on purchasing or selling a diamond in the atlanta buckhead area.
Are you considering selling your Diamond ?
02/04/2011 09:12 AM
Diamonds have been cut for hundreds of years now. There are said to be over 200 different styles and cuts of diamonds which offer different brilliance and sparkles under light. A few of the different style of cuts are  round, princess, cushion, asscher, heart, oval, marquise, old miner, old european. As fine jewelry and diamond buyers the Verma Group is well accustomed to appraising all different sizes, shapes, colors and clarity of diamonds. The different cuts do have their pros and cons, and some shapes are even more likely to increase in value over time versus a lesser popular cut. When considering to buy or sell a diamond you must weigh in all the factors and diamond cutting is defintely one of them. On many certificates or appraisals for diamonds you will see a cutting grades such as Excellent, Good, and Very Good. On the GIA certificate these evaluations are noted right on the main page of the certification. Diamond cut is yet another intricate factor which determines the value of your diamond! If you wish to sell your diamond engagement ring, diamond jewelry, come into our location in Buckhead, Atlanta today!
Atlanta's Top Gold Buying Company
02/02/2011 11:10 PM
If you have been searching for a company to sell your gold jewelry to, please look no further. The Verma Group is your best option when considering to sell a fine tiffany diamond broach or a few pieces of gold jewelry. We have purchased Rolex watches from $1000 to upwards of $50,000. With the gold price hovering at near all time highs this is a perfect opportunity to cash in and sell your valuables to the experts at THE VERMA GROUP.

The Gold price is above $1300 an ounce, and Silver is trading in the high 20's.

If you have a GIA Diamond, these stones are fetching very high premiums !
GIA - Gemological Institute of America
10/18/2010 03:49 PM
For those of you who are not sure what GIA is, it is a prestigious establishment which grades and evaluates precious stones and diamonds. East West Diamond Brokers is proud to have GIA Alumni on our staff. With expert training and knowledge from the industry standard in diamond grading, we are able to appraise and evaluate fine jewelry and diamonds.

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