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Determining the best method for obtaining knowledgeable and educated jewelry appraisal might not seem like the easiest thing to do, but since jewelry appraisers often specialize in a specific areas of diamond appraisal or watch appraisal, trusting Verma Jewelry to serve as your jewelry appraiser means you'll receive highly educated suggestions on how to sell jewelry and where to sell diamonds. Jewelry appraisal necessitates that the professional involved in answering questions of "how to sell my jewelry" is educated on every facet of the industry.

How We Purchase a Diamond

When it comes to buying diamonds, we come prepared. GIA Alumnus, State of the art testing and evaluating equipment, as well as thousands of potential buyers on our end demanding your high end diamond. We like to start off by checking any appraisal, certificate, reciepts, or papers which were included with the diamond at the time of initial purchase. This gives us an idea on the history of the diamond. Next our Diamond expert will evaluate the diamond based on Carat, Color, Cut, Clarity. These 4 parameters are the most important when it comes to the value of a diamonds. All diamonds are not created equal, so a different mix of these 4 C's will bring in different prices. Then we get to more specific markers such as flourescense, dimensions, polish, and symmetry. Once these have been evaluated we then take a look at the setting the diamond is placed in. Once our process of grading and evaluating your diamond is complete our expert will make a cash on the spot offer, and if accepted will complete the transaction.

How We Purchase a Fine Watch

Fine Watches are one of the most complicated items to purchase, this is because there are so many variables which can effect the price from a $3000 rolex and a $60,000 rolex of the same model and make. We start of by looking at the maker of the watch. Rolex, Cartier, Van Cleef, Patek Phillipe, and Omega are just to name a few of the more popular names. Once we know the maker of the watch, we take a look at the certain model, year made, and condition. Some years the same model was made in limited production which leads to a higher value. Rolexes from the early 1900's can sometimes be more valuable than a brand new of the same model. Of course, a watch in pristine condition will outsell and create a larger demand from our international watch collectors and buyers. Complicated watches, chiming watches, chronographs, and other special features are all looked at carefully and bring in more value to your timepiece as well.

How We Purchase Diamond & Designer Jewelry

As the leading buyer of Fine Diamond and Designer Jewelry in the Industry we pride ourselves on the intricate process we take in determining the proper market value of each individual piece. We evaluate the Era the jewelry was created and give each detail the inspection and research. We have an archive of millions of pieces of jewelry and what prices they have sold for in auction houses, private auctions, etc. We have expert jewelers whom have worked with fine jewelry stores and auction houses appraising your pieces to assure the highest cash on the spot offer is made.

Final Thoughts

The world of jewelry appraisal is a type of business with many rather complicated specifications attached to proper diamond appraisal and competent jewelry appraisers will always offer the best suggestions when you ask "How to sell my watch," or "Where to sell my diamonds." Selling diamonds doesn't have to be a mysterious process when you deal with our appraisers in our downtown Atlanta location. Wondering "where to sell my jewelry" shouldn't require that you engage in a difficult search of where to sell diamond jewelry or other jeweled valuables. All it takes is contacting Verma Jewelry with the simple request of "sell my jewelry" to get you on the road to selling your item for the best negotiated price.

Verma Jewelry is a Jewelry Buyers company. We Buy Jewelry from private sellers, and are also Diamond Buyers, specializing in Diamond Appraisals, luxury watches and fine jewelry

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