1. Why is an appointment necessary?
We want to be certain that we can fulfill all our client’s needs and questions. Once an appointment is set up, we can do our homework and make sure the proper staff is on site to evaluate and appraise your jewelry & diamonds. We have found that being well prepared and able to explain the process to our clients makes for a much more pleasant experience.

2. What forms of payment do you offer?
We can pay in bank check, wire transfer or cash.

3. How do you price my jewelry?
We take into account the demand & desirability of your jewelry. A few aspects which impact value are designer, maker, age, and quality. We do not purchase jewelry based on weight, but as independent pieces of jewelry.

4. Am I Obligated to sell my jewelry If I make an appointment?
Our clients are not obligated if an agreement is not reached and is of no cost to you. However if you agree to the offer, we will have funds readily available for a transaction.

5. What is the scope of your company’s expertise?
We have purchased single solitaire diamond rings from $1000 to $400,000. We have purchased diamond necklaces from prices from $1,500 up to $120,000. We are a knowledgeable appraisal and diamond jewelry buying establishment. With GIA trained professionals we are confident we can please each and every client we do business with.

6. Does Verma Jewelry purchase other items?
Yes, we are strong buyers of fine watches, and art. Please inquire if you wish to sell these items.